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Citizenship of Ukraine

Registration of Ukrainian citizenship is a final point of alien’s legalization. First of all, as you know, non-resident can get the promotion on employment. Next point is a getting of residence permit (permanent or temporary) and, after that, registration of civil passport that entails full wiping of difference between last alien and native citizen of Ukraine.

Registration of Ukrainian citizenship is a long and difficult process. First of all, government never gives any guaranties at such questions, and sometimes it can be very difficult to predict the logic of consulate or State Migration Service of Ukraine. Second, alien who does not know all details of migration law acts at random, that is why – prolongs procedure of naturalization.

Price on service of getting citizenship

According to a lot of factors the price on service of getting citizenship can be different. For clarifying details you can contact us on: (044) 358-10-88 and (044) 358-20-88 or fill in the simple form of feedback and our specialist will contact and consult you.

Ukrainian citizenship: specific of procedure and possible difficulties

Citizenship of Ukraine is a question that is in the competence of different structures and it is a difference from the getting of residence permit. If getting of residence permit depends only on the positive decision from State Migration Service of Ukraine, so with citizenship everything is much more difficult. Besides of migration service, State Security Service of Ukraine will learn the candidate for citizenship, after that the application will be sent to the relevant commission of the President of Ukraine, where he has to sign it by himself if he finds the applicator worthy. Thus, no one state institution can guarantee you anything because it does not monitor the process of naturalization from beginning till the end.

Reasons for registration of citizenship

All reasons that let the alien to get the citizenship of Ukraine are noticed at migration law. We have some number of them:

  • At the right of birth. It is the simplest way. If the alien can prove that he was born in Ukraine he gets the citizenship according to simplify procedure. At this case you even do not need at the help of lawyer. Here is “the right of ground” is the possibility to register Ukrainian citizenship for people who were born at the territory of Ukraine.
  • At the fact of being at the territory of Ukraine because of marriage with citizen of Ukraine.
  • Foster care or affiliation. It should be noticed that it such situation child can take the citizenship of parents or foster family, but not at another way.
  • Restoration of citizenship. This case is good for people who had the citizenship of Ukraine but at the result of some reasons had lost it.
  • If both of parents have Ukrainian citizenship, child has a right to get it.

Procedure of getting the Ukrainian citizenship

Process of getting the citizenship can be described only broadly such as this process is too individual. As a rule it means three stages that are passed over by each candidate.

  • First of all migration service: territorial, regional and, after that, national works with alien;
  • Alongside with migration service SSU check the candidate on trustworthiness.
  • Commission at the questions of citizenship will get the application form and it will be signed by the President of Ukraine.
  • If the application form is lodged abroad the chain will look in such way: consulate – Ministry of International Affairs – consulate.

It should be noticed that the process can “stalled” on any stage, because the procedure, that is provided without the support of lawyer can be stretched out on long years or, in the worth way finished by refusal.

Haw to prove the citizenship of child

Here, it has a sense to return to legal reasons of getting the citizenship. If the child was born, for example, abroad, but both of his parents have Ukrainian citizenship, he has a right also get Ukrainian citizenship. For it parents have to prove their citizenship and denote relationships with child.

The other situation: the child was born at the territory of Ukraine and got the Certificate of Birth here, but entered the citizenship of another country. At this case Certificate of Birth and early mentioned “right of ground” will be reason.

If the child is 14-18 years old he has to apply the written approval on entering another citizenship.

The order of applying the application form

The application form must be written on the name of President of Ukraine and brought at the nearest department of SMS. Next documents should be added to the application form:

  • Three standard photos;
  • Document about deficiency of another citizenship or declaration about output from it;
  • Document that proves the reasons for naturalization;
  • Certificate that proves the knowledge of Ukrainian language;
  • Proving of presence the legal source of subsistence.

How the application form is considered

The order of considering was shortly mentioned. First of all, the application form will be processed by the regional department of SMS, after that it will be transferred to the central department, and, after that, the application form will be transferred to the Commission on the question of citizenship after the President of Ukraine. If the application form was applied at the consular department abroad it will be got to the commission through the Ministry of International Affairs.

The date of getting the citizenship is a date of publishing the appropriate edict of President.

Citizenship of Ukraine at the accelerated procedure

International law firm “Bravex” proposes the knowledgeable legal help at getting the Ukrainian citizenship. Team of “Bravex”:

  • Provides the solving of the problem at the record short terms (middle duration of legalization with our help is 5 – 6 month and at the standard procedure the duration is 5 – 6 years);
  • Gets the consultation at the question of migration law;
  • Completes the documentation package and connects with migration service.

And the most important is that we do not predict the positive result – we guarantee it.