We strive to be exceptional and meet the highest standards.

"Bravex" is a confident leader in the legal services market that has successfully positioned itself in the creation and sale of the business. We offer our clients take ownership of financial companies in any city of Ukraine within the minimum period of time.

Financial companies for perfect business

Creating a financial company is a complex and multi-step process. Hardly an entrepreneur, who decides to handle this task itself, will be able to solve all the problems in a short time. If we leave out the challenges associated with the introduction of a new legal entity in the Unified Register and the registration of all public services provided by laws, we still will have one fundamental problem that is licensing. The government has very serious approach to the issue of the license for any business, but when it comes to financial operations the situation is even more complex.

You have to present a lot of requirements:

  • minimum capital (which, incidentally, is quite an impressive amount),
  • the availability of qualified personnel,
  • appropriate premises and so on.

Meet all these conditions, in fact, would not be the most challenging. Much more difficult is to collect the documents. Thus, you should do the licensing of the business, and make sure that two months of your time will be lost. But this is precisely the time when the businessman at the initial stage should take the maximum number of opportunities and not to lose them due to the fault of bureaucratic instances.

What does the "Bravex" offer?

By offering their services to customers, we have one key principle: why waste time on something that has already been created? That's why we firmly believe that in today's financial market to buy financial company is much easier than trying to create it from scratch. Why is it profitable to do with "Bravex"? There are a number of reasons:

  • You can optimize the process of acquiring the business, freeing yourself from the paperwork that inevitably "eats" a few months of valuable time;
  • You get a company that has managed to earn a certain credibility in the financial market and has at least a minimum "experience";
  • We offer our clients "goods" only with an impeccable business reputation. Therefore, cooperation with us eliminates the risk that, in addition to the purchased company, you get a lot of problems with the law or with the tax authorities;
  • We need only one working day for re-registration.

"Bravex" is your perfect start in the financial market.