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Companies with VAT in Odesa

Companies with VAT in Odesa

The company "Bravex" is the market leader in sales of enterprises withe VAT. Experience and corporate communications allow us offering the client companies of any ownership in any region of our country. You can buy the firm with registered VAT number in Odesa.

Why is it profitable to buy a company in Odesa?

At first glance, it is a logical question. You can also create your own enterprise and register a new entity, and then gradually increase the power of your own business, increasing the financial turnover of your own company, acquiring beneficial business relationships and earning goodwill in the market of services. This option is quite real, but are you ready to spend a lot of time on:

  • registration license (without which, incidentally, is the way to the legal market for your business will be closed),
  • the decision of other bureaucratic issues?

Not every entrepreneur can give an affirmative answer to this question. After spending time on the registration, you may miss some valuable business opportunities, and thus deprive yourself of a chance to make your business successful.

Buying companies with VAT in Odesa is a great alternative to the creation of the enterprise from the very beginning. Buy a firm in Odessa with the help of the company "Bravex" and get a real opportunity to become a successful owner of a large and promising enterprise in just one working day!

Readymade companies with VAT in Odesa




Date of registration

LLC "Arden Group"

Odesa, Central District

03 Oct 2015

LLC "Adisseo Group"

Odesa, Central District

03 Oct 2015

LLC "Oceania Smart Trading"

Odesa, Prymorskiy district

04 Oct 2015


We offer you a unique database of enterprises for sale in Odessa. You can be sure that here you will find the company that will satisfy and meet all the requirements. The legal assistance of “Bravex” gives a few obvious advantages:

  • First of all, you will win time for re-registration of the purchased company. It is known that a change of ownership entails the need to issue an order on the appointment of a new director, the contract with the previous owner of the resale company, as well as change the information on the legal entity in the notary's office and banking facilities.
  • Secondly, the team of lawyers can cope with the volume of work within one working day.

In addition, "Bravex" will provide you with a guarantee of reliability and security of the transactions. We will give you full information about the company you are going to buy, including the history of its financial and legal transactions. Thus, buying the enterprise in Odessa, you will have an exact knowledge of ​​what you are spending your own money on.

The company "Bravex" will also provide you with a number of other legal services:

  • professional legal support,
  • consultations on any issues,
  • protection of your interests in all instances and institutions!