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“Bravex" is a confident leader in the legal services market that has successfully positioned itself in the creation and sale of the business. We offer our clients take ownership of factoring companies in any city of Ukraine within the minimum period of time.

What is factoring?

Factoring is a process the grace organization. The factoring company is an institution that "buys" on certain conditions the debt to another company, whose status does not allow it, for example, to obtain a long-term installments and volumes due to be credited in the bank. Thus, factoring refers to the number of financial services.

Typically, an entrepreneur who has decided to open the factoring business may lose at least two or three months because of the licensing. It ensures the availability of a minimum share capital and a qualified personnel of managers and premises, appropriate sanitary and fire safety standards, and then provide the Commission with documentation that will confirm all this. The Commission takes about a month, and, if it finds no error in the application, you get a license. If there are any mistakes you correct them, and the review process starts from the beginning.

And now answer the question: Is there in your stock a few months, you agree to waste? If you are among the entrepreneurs who used to cherish everyday business, your answer will definitely be negative. What is an alternative solution able to offer workers "Bravex"? The alternative is clear: do not waste time on the creation of what has already been created at the time, and therefore the most logical not to register a new company and buy the factoring company, which has exposed someone to sell.

What can you get with "Bravex"?

  • Firstly, the rapid renewal of the acquired business to your name. Only the day is required for our staff to perform all the work on the legal registration;
  • Secondly, the clear assurance that the organization has acquired the license and has no problems with the law and creditors;
  • Thirdly, high-quality legal support of resale and proper legal protection of your interests at every stage of cooperation.

"Bravex" is your reliable advisor in the factoring business.