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Companies with VAT in Kirovograd

Companies with VAT in Kirovograd

The company "Bravex" is a reliable market leader in sales of readymade enterprises with VAT. Experience and corporate communications allow us offering companies of any ownership in any region of our country. You can buy the enterprise with documentation and VAT number in Kropivnitskiy region.

What is the main reason to buy the company instead of its creation from scratches?

What is better, to create your own business from scratch or to buy companies with VAT in Kropivnitskiy? It is a personal choice of every entrepreneur. However, let's see, what you will face when trying to create your own company:

  • First of all, the license. No business can be carried out if its services are not licensed. It is the obligatory requirement of the legislation.
  • Secondly, you will need plenty of other information and documents.

All these issues can be delayed for a long time and take a lot of time. It is more logical to use the services of "Bravex" and buy the enterprise in Kropivnitskiy.

Reason of cooperation with “Bravex”

The re-registration of the company with the VAT on the new owner is also not an easy task. The former owner has to:

  • conclude an agreement on the resale,
  • issue an order appointing a new director,
  • restructure a legal entity at the notary, banks and government agencies.

All these procedures also take some time and effort, but the lawyers of “Bravex” are ready to do that for you.

Ready-made companies with VAT in Kropivnitskiy


Name of the enterprise


Date of registration

LLC "Agricultural technology Invest"


26 Aug 2015

LLC "Agro Terra Company"


27 Aug 2015

LLC "Agro Cypress"


26 Aug 2015


Due to established contacts and high professionalism of the team "Bravex" will help you to solve the legal question within one working day. You conclude a deal, and tomorrow you become the owner of a successful enterprise with a VAT.

Another important aspect. If you buy a firm without our help, you may get the ownership of a company with a bad reputation, debt, or worse, problems with the law. The company "Bravex" will provide you with comprehensive information about any enterprise you are interested in. History of legal operations, accounting reports for the entire period of work - all this will be provided to you if needed. Mutual trust and transparency in the bargain are the main priorities on which we are focused in our work.

You can buy a firm in Kropivnitskiy via the «Bravex» very easily. We do not only save your time and help you get in one day in your own successful business, but also provide high-quality services at all stages of the purchase and protect your interests.