We strive to be exceptional and meet the highest standards.

"Bravex" is a confident leader in the market of legal services that has successfully positioned itself in the creation and sale of the business. We offer our clients taking ownership of leasing companies in any city of Ukraine within the minimum period of time.

What is leasing?

Leasing is one of those services that will be always in demand in the business environment at least until the country has growing businesses that are planning to expand the volume of its own production or bring it to a qualitatively new level. Thus, any businessman who decides to create a company that provides leasing services id going to be successful.

Since leasing is directly related to the financial services the level of requirements is perhaps the highest. First of all, it is an imposing presence of the authorized turnover confirmed by special documents. Also, you will have to collect a huge list of other papers: coordination issues with the fire department and sanitary-epidemiological station. Consider also that the implementation of all of these conditions will give you only the right to a license, and that is not all.

Spending about three months on legal issues, you get to the entrance of the company that possesses short of funds. This begs the question: is it worth to go such a long and complicated way, in order get to the end result of the minimum?

Is there more effective option?

The most effective way to get into your own business is provided by the international law company "Bravex." On the Ukrainian market there are many ready-made leasing firms for sale. Thus, there is no point in of trying to create another one, it is much easier to buy a leasing company, which will have the reputation and the mechanism of the accumulated and held customer base. Moreover, you can make a purchase with the "Bravex" extremely simply:

  1. You choose the leasing company among those that will be offered to you,
  2. We help you to sign an agreement on the resale and place the rest of the documents.
  3. Established system of interaction with government agencies allows us processing of the documents in one working day.

We offer cooperation on fair and favorable terms, working exclusively within the framework of existing laws and ensure the protection of your interests at any stage of resale.