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Companies with VAT in Zhytomyr

Companies with VAT in Zhytomyr

The company "Bravex" is a successful market leader in sales of companies with VAT. Practical skills along with substantial knowledge of the current legislation established corporate communications with state authorities that allow us offering a wide range of enterprises in Ukraine. VAT is the value added tax that is imposed to every legal entity that has income generating activities. The presence of VAT number gives the opportunity to start business immediately.

The main reason to buy the enterprise

It is not an easy task to start your own business. Every entrepreneur knows how much time and effort is spent on registration of the new company. Registration will take you about twenty days if everything goes according to the ideal scheme. But in reality everything may be much more complicated:

  • Firstly, you need to decide all legal and financial issues,
  • Secondly, get the license,
  • Thirdly, prepare all the documents required for legal different operations and deals.

Another problem is the development of the businesses in the initial stages that requires the establishment of relations. That is why today many entrepreneurs prefer to save their time and opt for the purchase of ready-made companies.

"Bravex" will offer you a wide range of companies in Zhytomyr. Over the years, we have been able to accumulate a unique database of companies that is daily updated by our experts. The lawyers will be able to choose the perfect option for purchase.

We believe that any deal must be as transparent as possible for our clients and that's why we provide you with detailed information about any company in our database that will be interesting for you. We will show you its full financial story that includes a list of accounting and legal actions that were undertaken by the company. Thus, you get the confidence that you are getting the company with an impeccable reputation and lack of problems with the tax and financial services, or with former business partners.

Legal assistance of the experienced lawyers

Buying the company with VAT directly cannot be called a simple procedure. Parties will have:

  • to sign the decision of the founders to sell you the shares in the business;
  • to renew the company in banks and state authorities;
  • to re-open all the bank accounts;
  • to prepare documentation concerning the change of director.

Can you imagine how long it may take? Specialists of "Bravex" carry out all the necessary operations within one business day. So, buying the company in Zhitomir with the help of "Bravex" will be a faster and better variant for those who appreciate the time.

The International Law Company «Bravex" is your reliable and effective business partner!