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Companies with VAT in Kyiv

Companies with VAT in Kyiv

"Bravex" is the market leader in sales of enterprises with VAT (value added tax). Practical experience and settled corporate communications allow us offering the client a wide range company of any ownership in any region of Ukraine.

Buying a ready-made company in Kiev with the help of "Bravex" is a real chance to start your own business. The lawyers solve a lot of legal issues without your presence. If you want to create the business from the very beginning, you have to collect a huge package of permitting documents, including a license, as this is a prerequisite for the start of the enterprise in the legal services market. If you are looking for a way to avoid the loss of the enormous amount of time to collect the documentation first, and then to receive the license itself, the best option is to buy a company with VAT with the help of our team.

What "Bravex" can offer you?

We have the largest base of enterprises for sale located in the capital, so there are no doubts that our experts will provide you with the best option to buy.

Our staff will be happy to advise you on any matter. We know perfectly well that the purchase of ready-made companies is a crucial step, and so we will make sure to give you comprehensive and objective information about it.

The advantage of our company is in the fact that we save you from having to delve into the financial and legal routine during visits to a notary or a reopening of bank payroll accounts. Buying a company with VAT with "Bravex" you get full support in matters of accounting and law.

Our team also undertakes all the concerns about the new documents. In the process of firm re-registration we prepare a full package of necessary documents. It will include:

  • the decision of the founders to sell their shares of the business to new owners;
  • legal documentation;
  • an order of a new director appointment;
  • documents for re-registration of the company in state bodies and authorities.

Ready-made firms with VAT in Kyiv

The International Law Company “Bravex” offer only registered and proved firms that already have the VAT number.



Date of registration

LLC "Winner Trade Corporation"

Shevchenkivskiy District

19 Feb 2015

LLC Company "Cepheus Trading"

Shevchenkivskiy District

25 Nov 2014

LLC "Avignon Group"

Shevchenkivskiy District

14 Jul 2015

LLC "Indigo Maximus"

Solomenskiy District

26 Feb 2015

LLC "Libra Trade Group"

Obolonskiy District

19 Feb 2015

LLC "Trading Pros"

Dniprovskiy District

24 Dec 2014

LLC Metprom Concordia Group"

Pecherskiy District

25 Nov 2014

LLC "Bitter Plus"

Holosiivskyi District

17 Jan 2015

LLC "Azimut Trade Company"

Pecherskiy District

07 Apr 2014


Advantages of cooperation with “Bravex”

We value our own reputation and the confidence of our customers, so buying a company with "Bravex", you will be assured that we will offer you only proved and reliable options and you will receive the detailed information about the enterprise with VAT you are going to buy. Purchasing the firm in Kiev with "Bravex" is a real opportunity to get your own ready-made business. An enterprise with VAT eliminates the need to resolve legal questions and delve into other aspects that inevitably accompany the business in the early stages - you immediately become active and influential player in the capital's business.