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CIF (Corporate Investment Fund)

"Bravex" is a confident leader in the market of legal services that has successfully positioned itself in the creation and sale of the business. We offer our clients becoming the owner of corporate investment fund in any city of Ukraine within the minimum period of time.

What are the options of CIF?

Corporate investment fund is usually created with the aim of bringing together investors, who plan to make one-time "infusion" in one or another business. At a certain stage of business that claims to be a further qualitative growth, corporate investment is a necessary action that acts as a stimulating factor. That is why the services of corporate investment funds are always in demand, while the country has a steadily growing business.

Quite another thing is that corporate investment funds, are categorized by the state as financial institutions, and this implies very strict control on the stage of legalization and obtaining a license. In practice, this step can take several months, during which you will have to:

  • collect documentary evidence that you have achieved the share capital in the required amount,
  • present the information about investors, members of the fund that do not have problems with the law,
  • prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to the Commission for consideration and licensing of your business.

This commission gives you the answer within a month. Only then you will be able to engage in investment activity legally.

On the one hand, two or three months on the creation of a corporate investment fund –is not so much, but in the real business often there are situations that require to act without delay, and that's just in this case, these few months can play with you a bad joke. While you deal with bureaucratic issues, valuable business opportunity will benefit your competitors. Thus, the most winning option for today is to buy a corporate investment fund and receive it the form of a ready-made company.

Get the CIF with the international company "Bravex"

The team of "Bravex" allows its customers purchasing of corporate investment fund, spending a minimum of effort. You may choose the best option among those that will be offered. All the other issues will be taken by our specialists. As a rule, the documentation for re-registration takes no more than one working day.

"Bravex" is a guarantee of legality and transparency in the purchase of your business.