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Public Organizations

Public Organizations

If a group of people is united by certain interests, ideas and goals, the registration of a public organization is one of the most effective ways to bring them into reality. The members of such company defend their rights and realize their social, creative, cultural, economic and other interests in society. If you are interested how to start a non-profit organization, you are to know a lot of regulations and restrictions regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine. But still, there is an easier way to get what you want. You can buy public organization that is already registered. The International Law Company "Bravex" is truly the market leader in sales of non-governmental entities.

Advantages of non-profit organization

Starting non-profit organization is a practical way to achieve some goals. NGO activities are extensive and cover many areas of public life:

  • Social area;
  • Sports;
  • Culture;
  • Arts;
  • Ecology;
  • Science, etc.

Such groups are not elected to the authorities, but the representatives of such organizations are entitled to be observers at the elections in order to prevent violations of the electoral legislation.

In addition, local nonprofit organizations are able to exert significant influence on governments, local authorities with the help of specific actions and methods.

Public organizations for sale

Examples of nonprofit organizations can be presented on request of the clients. For instance, here you can see the NGO for sale with processed documentations and all necessary permits issued by state authorities:


The name of the NGO


Date of creation


Kyiv, Shevchenkivskiy District

06 Jul 2006


Become the owner of the non-profitable company

How can you get the property a public organization? At first glance, the answer is rather obvious: to create and develop by your own. Even the smallest social association requires official registration and licensing. These aspects are very efforts-consuming because the collection of necessary information and documents for registration may take about a month.

The second way is to buy a ready-made social organization with the help of "Bravex". This is the chance to get the result without documentary routine and waste of time.

The team of experts will prepare all the papers and permits for you to start activity immediately. The NGO offered for sale by “Bravex” have all the necessary documents. The charter of the entity clearly states its goals and objectives, rights and duties of its members, the terms and procedure for the adoption of its members, the procedure for amending the charter. In addition, the order of specifying the establishment and activities is underlined. Also, the main document present the information about the statutory bodies, local entities, their powers, the sources and uses of funds, reporting procedures, procedure for termination.

Setting up non-profit company with “Bravex” is the best way to succeed in the sphere of public and social life. We present the interest of our clients effectively.