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Companies with VAT

Companies with VAT

Starting a business is a complicated process with a lot of difficulties and challenges. The International Law Company “Bravex” is an expert in this sphere. The team of professionals is ready to provide you with substantial consultations about the procedure of company registration. Moreover, we offer you to buy the company you are looking for. It is preferable for people of business who have no time for documentary routine. Legal assistance in the process of buying different enterprises is the priority for “Bravex”.

Our services are available for legal entities not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. It is a great chance to possess the company in one of the highly developed countries with huge economical potential, prosperity and possibilities to enlarge the income. We help to find the suitable company even with the most strict demands and requirements concerning the location and form of organization. One of the most requested kind of business for sale is the company with VAT (value added tax). “Bravex” has practical experience in buying and selling such legal entities.

Is it profitable to buy a ready-made company with VAT?

It the most popular question asked by entrepreneurs. The matter is that it is really not so easy to register a legal entity, to get all documents ready, to open the payroll accounts and put it into the Tax Registry. When you need to start business without any delay, such a procedure is rather long and unjustified. That’s why it is more profitable to buy a firm with VAT.

VAT – is a value added tax applied to every profit-making company. When vat registration number is ready, the company has a right for activity. Buying an enterprise with such number you have a result because you can start business operations immediately. The advantages of such purchase are the following:

  • Saving of time;
  • Economy of costs;
  • Tax optimization.

With the help of “Bravex” you can check and find the answer to the question “Is a company vat registered?”. It gives you an opportunity to start income generating activities. That is the beginning of your own business that is already registered. Company VAT number opens a lot of possibilities for buying and selling goods legally and with sale taxes paying.

List of ready-made firms with VAT number

The International Law Team “Bravex” is offering a wide range of companies for sale. Before buying any of them, the client can find a company vat number in the Tax Registry of Ukraine.



Registration Date

LLC “Winner Trade Corporation”

Kyiv, Shevchenko District

19 Feb 2015

LLC “Avinion Group”

Kyiv, Shevchenko District

25 Nov 2014

LLC “Tiger Trade Group”

Kyiv, Obolon District

25 Feb 2015

LLC “Libro Trade Group”

Desnanskyi District

19 Feb 2015

LLC “Libro Trading”

Kyiv, Pecherskyi District

03 Dec 2014


Legal assistance by “Bravex”

As the process of enterprise purchase is complicated by numerous documentary challenges and requirements, it is better to make use of service provided by the International Law Firm “Bravex”. Such decision is useful and profitable because you save your time and costs. The team of lawyers will find the best variant for your business. Searching the firm for you, experts take into consideration such aspects as:

  • Location of the enterprise;
  • Date of registration;
  • Form of organization;
  • Presence of legal VAT number.

All the documents will be ready in a short period of time and according to the current legislation in Corporate Law. Professional and individual approach to each case is a must for our team. The effectiveness of our work will be the best evidence of our high qualification.