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Political Parties

Political Parties

The experts say that today business and politics are the spheres that are closely bound by common interests. If you have a clear political position, and you want to defend it at all-Ukrainian level, you can register a political party. Ukrainian legislation gives every Ukrainian the right to create the political force and develop its movement and defend the interests. The problem is in the process of registration. You have to perform a lot of bureaucratic procedures and collect a huge amount of papers. You can cut the costs and time waste by purchasing the political party. The International Law Company "Bravex" is known as the market leader in sales of ready-made political parties. Practical experience and substantial knowledge of the registration process give the opportunity to have the result in a short period of time. Moreover, the party can be registered in any part of the country.

The process of registration

If you are interested how to set up a political party, you should be ready to get to know a lot of formal procedures that are obligatory for the leader and owner of such entity. Current Ukrainian legislation allows creating of political party; however, it sets up a number of strict requirements:

  • Firstly, will have to pay into the treasury of Ukraine a big sum of money (100 minimum wages)
  • Secondly, you will have to enlist the support (it means to collect signatures of people that want you to be the leader. Several thousand signatures are the must)
  • Thirdly, the organization should have the statutory and policy documents, registration in a particular bank and many other details.

In most cases, the main goal of each political party in Ukraine is participation in elections. According to the law, there is one restriction: at the time of election, at least 1 year should pass from the moment of registration. Thus, if you wish to participate in the parliamentary race, you should start the establishment of the politic party long before the date of election.

Today the Ministry of Justice is extremely reluctant to register new parties, even if there are all documents and all the necessary conditions are met. This does not mean that registration of a new party is impossible, but it will be a time- and effort-consuming process. That’s why it is more logically to buy a ready-made party and start the career without any delay.

Legal assistance and support of “Bravex”

If you want to optimize the procedure of creating of your own social and politic force, it is better to rely on the International Law Company “Bravex”. The team of experts in this field of Law presents a huge database of political parties for sale in Ukraine. It allows the clients to choose the best option to buy. We are supporter the clear co-operation and are aware of the importance of positive reputation in the world of politics. Legally registered and organized politic party is a key component of your success. We provide the clients with a complete story of the organization, so you can easily make your own conclusions about the reputation "purity" of its past.

Start your great career in politics with "Bravex"! It is the best way to be the defender of your interests.