We strive to be exceptional and meet the highest standards.

Bravex ILA

provides its services
at several aspects:

Business consultations

We help our clients to optimize expenses of company, to improve the cost-effectiveness and its incomes, to identify ways of resolve the crisis situation, to choose the best registration place for company and much more.

Selling of companies

You find the fullest list of companies for sale of different types of property and with different places of state registration at Bravex ILA. We can order you companies with ready licenses and permits, companies with any value of annual turnover, companies that provide their activities at offshores and companies that have nominee directors. We select for you the most comfortable variants for your business even with the strictest selection criteria.

Help at providing of the legal operations

High professional qualities of our specialists allow you to provide any legal operation (reregistration of company, changing information about company, getting the license and mush more) during one working day.

At our work we guide by such basic principles:

Mutual trust. We always supply maximum of information for client about our service, either if it is forming of one document or a big deal on buying or selling the company. We know that transparency and honesty of providing deals is the most important guarantee respect and trusting of our clients.

Time is the most valuable business resource. We good understand that sometimes the littlest delay can be enough for missing the unique opportunity at business. That’s why helping for our client to solve any business question as fast as possible is one of our the most important goals.

Law is first of all. Completely all operations that provides with help of Bravex ILA are in line with existing legislation.

Professionalism is a factor, which, at the end, plays decisive role in the forming the reputation of company.

You get the integrated legal help by contacting Bravex ILA. We not only help you to solve your problem, we provide you all the necessary consultations, properly escort your deal at all stages and ensue you the professional protection of your business interests.

Use all professionalism of staff of Bravex ILA for quick and effective solving of your problems.