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Companies without VAT


It is not a secret that in Ukraine it is rather difficult to register enterprise and get all the necessary documents in a short time. The International Law Company “Bravex” is the market leader in sales of firms. Lawyers know how to start a business without longstanding routine in State Services of Ukraine. The best variant is to buy a ready-made company and start profitable business as soon as possible. Experience and corporate communications allow offering the customer a wide range of companies without VAT and of any ownership form. The location of the offered firms involves all the regions in Ukraine.

What is the company without VAT?

VAT is a fixed value added taxes imposed upon all the enterprise. But still there are some exceptions. The Ukrainian law provides individual cases giving a company the right to get certain tax benefits (it means to pay less income tax), or completely exempt it from paying VAT for a certain period.

Every entrepreneur has the inclination to obtain temporary exemption from VAT payment. Especially it is a tendency for the owners of young and developing business. However, practical cases show that a clear mechanism prescribed in the VAT exemption law poses a lot of serious bureaucratic challenges. You have to prepare a lot of documents and information that will justify your right to be free of taxes. But even the full list of documents does not give you a guarantee of the effective and positive result.

A lot of businessmen use the advantage of legal services provided by the experts of the Corporate Law. They can help buy a company without VAT and get all the papers for legal income generating activity. IT is a chance to start a business without numerous tax payments.

The list of ready-made companies without VAT imposing

“Bravex” offers a wide range of ready-made firm that are not imposed by the value added taxes:



Registration date

LLC “Concordia Metprom group”


25 Nov 2014

LLC “Astrum Metprom Group”


25 Nov 2014

LLC “Imperial Trade Corporation”


09 Dec 2014

LLC “Aqua Alliance Trade”


19 Dec 2014

LLC “Amarena Trade”


28 Sep 2014

Legal assistance in starting business

The International Law Team “Bravex” has a great practical experience in legal assistance provided for business clients. One of the leading and most required service of the purchase of the Company without VAT. The team of professionals in Corporate Law can:

  • provide the client with the most complete database of companies without VAT in Ukraine offered for sale;
  • help to solve all legal questions within one working day;
  • guarantee the full legal compliance;
  • present maximum of information about the sold company and a complete history of legal and financial transactions carried out by the enterprise;

Professionals of “Bravex” cooperate only with trusted companies. All enterprises presented in our database have legitimated tax immunity, which does not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine;

We offer our clients the complex of full and comprehensive services. If you buy a company without VAT with the help of "Braveks", it means that you not only become the owner of the enterprise in a short time, but also get the professional advice of our experts. Usually the procedure takes several working days. The lawyers will inform you how:

  • to optimize the costs of your company;
  • to identify the best way out of the crisis;
  • to attract investments in your new business;