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Companies with VAT in Lviv

Companies with VAT in Lviv

The company "Bravex" is the market leader in sales of enterprises with registered VAT number. Experience and corporate communications allow us to offer client companies of any ownership in Lviv.

Creation of your own business may turn out to be a long and troublesome process. It may be proved by the entrepreneur, who had to face it. To open even the smallest firm the business man has to gather an impressive package of documents and information that will give the right to register a new legal entity. In addition, you will inevitably encounter the need to obtain a license because it is, according to Ukrainian law, a prerequisite to enter the company's legal market for commercial services. Thus, an enormous amount of time will be spent only on compliance with all the bureaucratic formalities, not to mention the fact that the young company will not have sufficient financial turnover, proven business relationships and, eventually, a decent reputation. All of this you will also have to seek and waste your precious time.

Is there an alternative solution?

There is a perfect solution for such situation. You can buy an enterprise in Lviv with "Braveks." Due to our help you become the legal owner of VAT in Lviv within one working day. The company "Bravex" has at its disposal an extensive database of businesses for sale in Lviv, therefore. Thus, you are guaranteed to will have the best option.

Transparency of transactions that are carried out during the cooperation is our most important rule. We are well aware of the fact that the purchase of the firm with VAT in Lviv is serious and responsible process. We will give you as much information about selling the company as possible. The main priority of our work is to show the customer that the company, which he bought with the help of our experts, has an impeccable reputation, it has no problems with the law or banking institutions. At your disposal you will have:

  • All the financial transactions;
  • Legal documents;
  • Information about the turnover and partners.

Legal assistance of “Bravex”

Our experts will be engaged in the preparation of all documents and information necessary for the renewal of the company for your name. Our staff will take the responsibility for:

  • order on appointment of a new director,
  • the decision of the founders that they re-sell the company to a new owner,
  • a full range of legal documentation,
  • re-registration of companies in the banking and notarial institutions.

The team of professionals "Bravex" is your reliable partner that provides professional protection of your interests and expert services at all stages of the transaction conducted.