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Companies with VAT in Mykolaiv

Companies with VAT in Mykolaiv

The company "Bravex" is the market leader in sales of enterprises with VAT. Huge experience and corporate communications allow us offering a great amount of companies of any ownership in Mykolaiv.

Would you like to have your own business in Mykolaiv?

Then, most likely, you were considering two options of how to start it. The first option is the most obvious: you simply create your own business and start from scratch to turn out professional relationships, build financial turnover of your young company and gradually earn a positive reputation for it. In the first stage, you have:

  • to collect a lot of documents and information that will allow you to register the activities of his company,
  • then you will encounter the need to obtain a license, since it is a prerequisite for the release of your company on the legal services market.

It is believed that in pure theory, all of these steps take about twenty days, but in practice, as you know, things can last much longer. If you are looking for a way to avoid it, you are sure to refer to the second option, that is, make a decision to buy a company with a VAT in Mykolaiv with the help of "Bravex".

What are the advantages of such a decision?

The fact is that, firstly, you will have the opportunity to purchase ready-made company, which will already have the necessary financial turnover and the corresponding reputation in the business space, and secondly, the procedure for re-registration of the company on your name will take our specialists only one working day.

Readymade enterprises with VAT in Mykolaiv



Date of registration

LLC "Prom Agro"

Mykolayiv, Central district

30 Oct 2014

LLC "Cobert"

Mykolayiv, Central district

25 Feb 2015

LLC "Marmus"

Mykolayiv, Central district

30 Oct 2014

LLC "Karada"

Mykolayiv, Central district

06 Oct 2014

LLC "Krovlyabudservіs"

Mykolayiv, Central district

18 Nov 1997


Our database of enterprises for sale in Mykolaiv is the largest in Ukraine. In addition, we offer our customers only reliable enterprises with good reputation that has been tested by our experts personally. Thus, buying a company with VAT in Mykolaiv with the help of "Bravex", you will protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. In other words, you have acquired the company that doesn’t have any problems with banks or with the law. You can ensure in this fact before the purchase, getting acquainted with the complete legal and financial history of the company.

"Bravex" is a guarantee that the purchase of the firm with VAT in Mykolaiv will be done quickly and in full compliance with existing laws of Ukraine. Full trust of customers is the main priority of our work.