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Financial establishments


Registration of any financial establishment in Ukraine is regulated by a strict legislation. Any financial institution should have a license that would allow conducting legal activities and providing services according to the current law system. Every entrepreneur knows how difficult the process of license obtaining is. The matter is that the candidate for the ownership of financial institution should collect and present an impressive package of papers. After this, it is necessary to apply the relevant state authority that usually practices the “red-tape” approach to documentation issues.  

Only after a certain period of time your financial company gets the license. Thus, you lose time twice:

  • firstly, when you are engaged in the collection of documents;
  • secondly, when you have to expect the response from the relevant state authorities. Usually it takes several weeks or even month to get the result.

Sometimes the waste of the time can cause the missing of great opportunities for business development.   In such a case you can lose your possibilities to have a bigger profit. For example, you are offered to sign a fix-termed contract or have an agreement, but you cannot do that because it would take too much time to create and register a financial establishment. Of course, you can still open a company and wait for such a chance once again, but it is better to take the possibility immediately. Such an opportunity is available to cooperation with the International Law Firm “Bravex”. The team of professional lawyers can offer you legal services in opening and registration of company.

How does it work with “Bravex”?

If you are applying for assistance to the team of "Bravex" in order to buy financial institution with a license – it is much easier that you might expect. Our company has the most extensive database of companies for sale, and it allows us to choose the option that meets the requirement of the client to the full extent. Companies of all types of ownership and location can be found with the help of "Bravex". We offer our business clients only proved companies with the available monetary and legal history. It helps to check the financial establishments before buying.

Purchase of licensed institution with a legal assistance of «Bravex" brings:

  • the confidence that you get the ownership of the company;
  • impeccable business reputation of the entity;
  • collection and registration of necessary documents;
  • re-registration of the business;
  • solving of all issues stated out within one working day.

The great advantage of the cooperation with "Bravex" is a guarantee of the absolute legality of the transactions, high quality of legal support and advice, as well as protecting your professional interests in state authorities. It is the best way to start business and develop it in terms of Ukrainian legislation system and reality of economical situation.