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Charity funds

Charity funds

Modern tendencies in the world of business require not only profit-making activity, but also some actions in the sphere of charity. It is the best way to create a positive reputation in society and do great things to people that need it. The International Law Company "Bravex" proved to be the market leader in sales of charitable organizations. Practical experience and effective cooperation with state authorities allow us offering the business clients the charitable funds for sale. Such organizations are presented in different forms of ownership and are located in any of Ukrainian region.

Advantages of charity organization

Charity organization is included into the group of the so-called non-profit entities that do not bring the owner a steady income. Due to it creation a different purpose is pursued. It may seem that such companies may not be in great demand in the market, but it's not true. Of course, the main goal of every businessman is to make sure that his project brings a regular income. However, when this goal has been achieved, the entrepreneur begins to think about the possibility of developing activities in a different way. A great example is charity.

The reasons of such decision can be different:

  • a simple desire to become a sponsor;
  • attempt to work on the reputation;
  • making a positive and socially oriented image of the core business.

The founders of the charitable foundation can be both legal entities and individuals. At the same time, the law does not require the presence of the Ukrainian citizenship as a must for the candidate who wants to own shares in a charitable fund. The owner of the charity group can be a foreigner. That is an additional advantage of such decision to buy such object of public activity.

Anyway, if you set a goal to create your own benefaction activity, you have to spend a lot of time to get the things ready. You may suggest that the charity is much easier to register because it is created not for commercial purposes. But still the procedure is not so simple. To register for a charity you need to collect a lot of documents and information, and then obtain a state license, that would legalize your activity. To create a charity company, you have to take care of its reputation and plan its work for a long term. This is a time-consuming process. That’s why it is much easier to buy such company that already has all the papers, licenses and permits.

Legal assistance provided by “Bravex”

The team of experts guarantees you the access to the most extensive database of charities offered for sale. It is agreat opportunity to choose the best option to buy. You have the complete legal and financial story of the organization, so you get the confidence that the purchased company has a positive reputation and will be the best way for you to develop your plan further.

After having concluded an agreement about cooperation with “Bravex”, you get the full package of services. Within a day you may become the full owner of the charitable foundation. Such a short term is enough for our experts to process all documents necessary for the re-registration of the company to your name.