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Companies with turnover


Starting any business from the very beginning is a difficult task complicated by different restrictions. Also, there is a certain risk in making business in new area. That’s why the experts recommend making use of the already created and developed firm. It means to buy the company with a turnover. The International Law Firm "Bravex" offers a wide range of ready-made (registered) companies for sale. These enterprises are already with turnover, imposed or non-imposed by VAT and located in Kyiv, Kyiv region and in all regional centers of Ukraine. The team of lawyers provides a full range of legal, consulting and audit services as well as supports the clients in financial transactions and documents processing throughout Ukraine. It is a chance to have the enterprise that is ready to bring profit and enrich company assets right now.

Why is it profitable to buy the company with turnover?

Buying the enterprise in the form of Limited Liability Corporation with a real turnover has always been considered to be a more effective solution than creating a company from scratches. The evident advantage is in the fact that you will also get an additional license or permit giving the right and opportunity to start the income generating activities without any delay. Company turnover rate affects the process of cooperation with partners and clients. If a firm has substantial assets, it is easier to win a tender to obtain a bank loan that gives the possibility to:

  • increase working capital;
  • prolong the credit line;
  • attract investments.

Ready-made companies with a turnover offered for sale

“Bravex” offers the range of firms for business clients. You can be presented with the list of them as well as with the company turnover information just after the call to our experts. Also, you can send the e-mail with the request of data. The team of lawyers will give the full consultation about the legal entity and turnover of the company you are going to buy.

Reasons to buy the enterprise with “Bravex”

The team of experts provides legal assistance of high quality in order to help businessmen to start their profitable activity in any area. The advantages of cooperation with “Bravex” are explained by the following reasons:

  1. We always have a big range of the companies with million assets
  2. We are always ready to help you to choose the desired company according to the type of taxation and the place of registration
  3. Legality of selling process
  4. The total re-registration of documentation in all state authorities
  5. Assistance in choosing of the legal address
  6. Assistance in opening bank accounts
  7. High-quality accounting services and audit services

Cooperation with “Bravex” turns out to be the start of great business with minimized risks and unpredictable situations. You can buy ready-made firm with substantial assets of at the best price and in a short period of time.

 We appreciate you and your time.