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Companies with Permits


The current Ukrainian legislation strictly regulates the process of new venture creating. Any entrepreneur, who has decided to do business in a particular area, has to spend a long time for first registration procedure. The next step is the issue of permits, without which no company will be able to enter the legal market and perform business operations

It should be noted that the precise list of permits depends upon the chosen field of business. In any case, to draw them is not an easy task to do even if you are an experienced entrepreneur. Without the permission of the sanitary-epidemiological station, or SES, you are not allowed to perform some actions in business.

Processing each of the permissions accomplished with the decision bureaucratic institutions and an impressive list of papers. Of course, the resolution can be arranged with the help of companies that provide related services. It will help to save time, but still there is an easier way offered by the International Law company "Bravex". It gives you an opportunity to buy the company that already possesses all the permits, licenses and documents.

Ready-made company for sale – is the best choice for you business

Today the easiest way to purchase your own business is to buy companies with permits with the help of "Bravex" The solution we offer you, gives you a reasonable advantage: you get a ready-made business with a package of necessary permits in one working day. Our specialists will prepare all the necessary documents for re-registration. The lawyers with huge practical experience will perform the registration of legal entity as soon as possible. Contact us today, and tomorrow you will become the legal owner of the company, which will have all the necessary permits for business activity.

The examples of the companies for sale

“Bravex” works only with legal entities that have all the documents and are ready for involving in active business:


Form of ownership


Date of registration




05 Dec 2014

Trans Trade



17 Oct 2014

Advantages of cooperation with “Bravex”

The main principle we are committed to is the full transparency of ongoing sale. It is not a secret that there are the companies offering business with not a savory reputation. But it is not about us. We check everything before providing you with information about the enterprises you want to buy.  

Other obvious advantages of cooperation with the legal team of “Bravex” are as following:

  • Substantial consultation about the procedure;
  • Full package of documents and permits processed according to the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • Legal support in re-registration of company with permits in a certain sphere of business;
  • Assistance in payroll account creation in any of Ukrainian banks.