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Companies with VAT in Poltava

Companies with VAT in Poltava

The company "Bravex" is the market leader in sales of firms with VAT numbers. Experience and corporate communications allow us offering the client companies of any ownership in any region of our country. You can easily buy the enterprise in Poltava.

Start your business with a ready-made company

Every entrepreneur who has decided to start the business, have a choice - to create their own company from scratch or buy a ready-made company VAT in Poltava. At first glance, the creation of own company seems more logical solution - you cut the costs, you create an enterprise that completely, in your opinion, meets the needs of the market. Also, you are building business relationships that seem to be correct for your strategy. However, it is only at first glance, since there are serious challenges at the stage of registration.

  • At first you will have to collect a comprehensive set of documents and certificates, which will allow you to open your own business,
  • Secondly, you will encounter the need to obtain a license - a document that will give you the opportunity to bring services to its own company in the legal market.

Thus, while opening your own business you are wasting your own time and effort that could be used in more profitable direction and focused on the development of your business.

Legal assistance of “Bravex”

If you decide to buy the company in Poltava with the help of "Bravex", it means that you get a real chance to become the owner of a large and successful enterprise on the following day after the checkout. To re-register the firm to a new owner is also quite difficult. You have to:

  • Make an agreement to resell,
  • Prepare an order on the appointment of a new director,
  • Correct the data at the notary and banks.

Specialists of "Bravex" carry out preparation of all the required documents within one business day!

Customer confidence is a major goal of our work. For us it is important that the deal to sell the company in Poltava is as transparent as possible. You will be given any information you are interested in - a full financial and legal history of the enterprise, the value of its financial turnover, characteristic of its reputation in the market, etc.