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Offshore companies

Offshore companies

The International Law Company "Bravex" proved to be the leader on the market of offshore business. We present a wide range of offshore companies for sale and provide professional legal assistance in registration of legal entities in offshore jurisdictions.

An offshore company is the key to financial freedom, prosperity and stability. Off shore is the legal way to pay less and earn more. Registration of companies or buying ready-made company is recommended for legitimate minimization of business tax. Possession of an offshore company gives the entrepreneur a number of advantages. The most important thing is the ability to optimize tax costs. The state that encourages the development of the domestic market for foreign companies provides tax benefits for offshore companies, reducing the amount of taxes or even replacing them with the registration fee. The second advantage is less control of state authorities.

If you are determined to buy an offshore firm or open an offshore account, the first thing that needs to be clarified - what is the actual meaning of the word "offshore". This term is used to refer to the companies registered in countries with preferential tax regime.

Buy ready-made company in offshore jurisdiction

The list of entities for sale consists only proved and legal enterprises with a full package of documents:






The Seychelles










The Seychelles






Set up company fast and legally in any of “tax haven”

The so called “tax haven” is the jurisdiction with low rate of levied taxes. It gives the advantages for both: the country and the entrepreneur because:

  • New investments are coming into the economy;
  • Additional sphere of business appear and develop;
  • Companies provide the population with new working places;
  • The businessman gets profit without paying taxes;
  • The risks to be unprofitable are lowered;
  • The possibility to be the part of international business is more real.

The list of advantages could be continued, but the essence remains the same: the main reason for the acquisition of offshore companies is a desire to move the business to place with suitable conditions. This is the main reason of transporting the business to a tiny state somewhere in the Pacific Ocean zone or the Caribbean Cost. However, the process of creating an offshore can hardly be called simple. The solution to all the bureaucratic and legal problems can occur even on the other side of the globe. In addition, the person who decided to invest money in foreign economies, are not always fully aware of all the aspects of the current legislation of the country. That’s why it is much better to buy an offshore company.

  • Firstly, ready-made offshore companies acquired with the help of "Bravex" are reissued to you within one working day. Thus, all inconveniences concerned with registration of the enterprise on the territory of another state are solved only by the professionals of our experienced team.
  • Secondly, you get a company that has already certain credibility in the market, its customer base and financial assets for further business operations in competitive environment.

“Bravex” works from Kyiv and gets results all over the world

The company "Bravex" offers a ready-made company of any kind of ownership and any location. Working according to the most simplified procedure, we give the opportunity to buy ready-made offshore for a minimum period – several working days. You can do that even without going out of the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. The team of lawyers prepares all the documents to register offshore company. Also, we maintain a complete confidentiality of the sold business. To get the firm in the “tax haven” you have to present only your passport information.

Offshore shelf companies are the perfect way to have business with minimal costs. Use the loyal tax jurisdiction to implement effective tax optimization, document management, financial flows of exports and imports.

Buy on offshore assets and property and get the possession of a confidential tool to search for investors and access to from Western banks.