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Companies with preferential VAT regime

Companies with preferential VAT regime

Modern situation in the business area demands to be active and proactive. It means to have the strategy of business development and have advanced knowledge of the ongoing process. One of the aspects is the tax system. All the enterprises are imposed by the VAT – value added tax. But still, there some kinds of firms that have preferential regime of tax payment.

The International Law Company "Bravex" is the market leader in sales of companies with preferential VAT regime. Experience and corporate communications allow us to offer the client companies of any ownership. The entities can be situated in any region of Ukraine.

The legal entity with preferential tax regime

It is a well-known fact that VAT is the tax imposed on any operation to provide goods or services carried out by a particular firm. However, it often happens that the decision of the tax offices allow the company making goods and services in preferential VAT regime. It means that it pays the smaller size of tax, or is deprived of the payment at all during certain period of time.

The popular question is “Can private entrepreneurs ensure the authority that the work of the young company should be transferred to the preferential regime?” Theoretically - yes, but in practice the businessman will inevitably have to deal with a mass of bureaucratic obstacles. It means:

  • to collect a lot of references and documents;
  • to confirm eligibility of documentation;
  • to apply in many state authorities.

As a result, an entrepreneur spends a tremendous amount of time on paperwork, but it is not the fact that there will be effective and positive decision of the state institutions.

Get the company with preferential VAT with the help of “Bravex”

The most logical option to get the business running in privileged mode is to buy a company with a preferential VAT regime. The team of experts "Bravex" can offer the client a wide range of companies that already have a legally certified tax benefits. We have the largest base of Ukrainian enterprises with loyal VAT procedure, so even if you have a strict search criteria and demands (for example, you need the enterprise only of a certain form of ownership or a company with a specific place of registration), we had no problems in the finding the suitable firm according to your business plan and strategy.

Experts of the “Bravex” prepare a complete package of documents necessary for the re-registration of the company within one working day. This will give you’re the main profit - an advantage in time. Having a deal with us today, the next day you enter into the full ownership rights of the new company with a loyal VAT regime. Thus, you will be able to take part in business life as a full participant that possesses tax-free priority.

“Bravex” is a reliable partner in business.