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AMC (Asset Management Company)

"Bravex" is a confident leader in the market of legal services that has successfully positioned itself in the creation and sale of the business. We offer our clients becoming the owner of the asset management company in any city of Ukraine within the minimum period of time.

What does the “asset management company” mean?

Any businessman wants to multiply the profit that brings the company may bring. It may be done not necessarily through direct promotion of its services on the market. There are many ways to make the enterprise more consistent and profitable. One of them is the competent management of the assets. If the business owner has the appropriate skills and knowledge, he is doing it on his own, but this is the exception rather than common practice. As a rule, a businessman who wants to benefit from financial operations applies for help to the so-called AMC, or asset management companies.

The company providing asset management services is registered in a standard procedure as an ordinary legal entity that provides services in the field of finance. This causes some difficulties at the stage of its registration because the current legislation of Ukraine has strict requirements for the registration of finance establishments. This leads to the fact that your only solution to this problem may take a few months.

Of course, asset management is an area that especially requires from entrepreneur a special resourcefulness and, most importantly, responsiveness to the slightest changes in market conditions. As you know, the loss of the enormous amount of time on paper issue is not a suitable aspect for business. That's why modern entrepreneurs who choose to do business in the field of asset management, more often decide not to create a company, but to buy AMC.

How is it possible to buy the AMC?

The easiest way is to use the help of the international company "Bravex" that gives customers a unique opportunity to own a ready-made business for the shortest time possible. We select the company that will perfectly fit the needs of your business, and help to resolve all legal issues related to the registration of your name on it. We deal with all the procedures:

  • the decision of bureaucratic issues;
  • re-registration of documents;
  • contract drafting and signing.

For all these issues we need only one working day. In addition, we guarantee the legality of all the transactions.

Building up your business with "Bravex" easily!