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Nominee Service

Nominee Service

The company "Braveks" is a recognized expert in the Corporate Law. One of the priorities of our work is the provision of nominee services, among which the most popular options are nominee:

  • director;
  • shareholder;
  • founder

What is the aim of NS?

Nominal service brings more opportunities for the development of the business. The market usually is going ahead of the lawmaking. It means that business often encounters legal obstacles, as the law has not yet reacted and adapted to new market demands. As a result, to achieve the goals the businessman should use more complex legal combinations. It allows implementing the plans and performing income generating activities according to the legislation. Appointment of a nominee director or nominee founder is the best examples of such combinations.

Nominal Director: advantages and responsibilities

Nominee Director is a person who is much more mobile than the actual director. The responsibilities are stated only formally, in terms of the agreement that was signed between him and the beneficiary. Thus, the director can be deprived of the privileges any time, if the situation requires that.

Nominal shareholders may be both physical and legal individuals. It is often necessary to use the services of NS for registration of an offshore company, as well as the incorporation in the UK. Using the nominee service will protect the information about the actual owners of the enterprise (beneficial owners), and the people directly involved in the management of the incorporation.

Regarding the liability of directors, it is regulated by the agreement. In most cases the access to large cash transactions and the shares is blocked even in the initial stage. Speaking about the risks of the director, everything depends on what kind of business is registered. It is very important to get the most accurate information about the company looking for nominee directors. The rights of the nominal founder are regulated by the standardized contract.

Advantages of NS for your business

Services of nominee directors and shareholders eliminate the possibility of disclosure of beneficial owners in the offshore as well as in other types of companies. In addition, the important fact is that using nominees there is no need to visit the country of registration or be present at the signing of documents.

Additional advantages of NS are the following:

  • protection of reputation. If you are not sure of the profitability of your new project, the nominee service will allow you to take the risk;
  • the possibility of "exporting" the business. Often the legislation obliges the offshore zone of the founder to appoint the director of the local citizen that can be nominal, of course;
  • the ability to create a company that requires a minimum number of founders;

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