We strive to be exceptional and meet the highest standards.

We offer different operations with companies, including:

  • company registration and re-registration; business licensing;
  • approval of permits;
  • tax optimization;
  • offshore companies registration, etc.

These legal services are available in Ukraine and abroad. By cooperation with “Bravex” you can carry out all necessary legal operations in order to reach any of your goals and solve all challenges.  

If you want to buy or sell a company the team of professionals will assist you in preparing documents. Looking for a suitable company to engage in various activities you can rely on our team of highly qualified lawyers. We offer you legal assistance in search and purchase of the company you are exactly looking for. The law company “Bravex” has a great practical experience in Corporate Law. The team of our lawyers and experts provides assistance and consultancy in the direction you have chosen during making decisions concerning sale-purchase of ready-made companies, firms and enterprises. Besides, we offer you a wide range of companies for sale: active or non-active, with license for a specific activity and companies with permits. Also you can buy public and charitable organizations, or ready-made offshore companies offered for sale.

Start your business with “Bravex”

Ready-made company for sale is the legal entity, registered in a definite region of Ukraine according to the current Ukrainian legislation. This company is put into the State Registry of Ukraine. It is also already meant in the List of Fiscal Service of Ukraine and is a taxpayer. Such legal entity has its payroll account in of the Ukrainian banks.

Buying a company with us, you definitely save your time on registration of an enterprise and, what really matters, you can start working and getting money at the Ukrainian market of goods and service as soon as possible.

The principles of our work involve legal validity and honesty in communication with the Client, precision and clarity in the performance of assigned tasks and preparation of documents according to the law of Ukraine. You get the assistance of high quality provided by our professional and experts. In addition, all the operations are performed effectively and privacy is guaranteed.