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How to get a residence permit at Ukraine

Residence permit at Ukraine: rights and properties
Residence permit within range
Residence permit without range
Residence permit at Ukraine for citizens of Russian Federation
Residence permit at Ukraine: prices and terms
How to get a residence permit at Ukraine

Arriving and being of the aliens at the territory of Ukraine is strictly regulated by immigration law. For getting the right on education, employment, providing of business activity is important to fulfil all the requirements. After the documents are filed guests of Ukraine can provide all the activity which is not inconsistent with law. Residence permit allows the aliens to be at the territory of Ukraine during more than 90 days. Ukraine has 2 types of such permit:

  • Temporary residence permit that is issued during one year, after this year it must be prolonged;
  • Permanent residence permit at Ukraine that is indefinitely and should not be prolonged.

Thus, the difference is between the terms and reasons of issue. First way is a solid step to getting permanent place of residence and citizenship, which, however, acts only during one year. Second way is a document, which gets the right on indefinite legalization.

Price on services of getting the residence permit at Ukraine

According to set of documents, reasons for getting residence permit, another different moments the price on services of getting the residence permit at Ukraine can be different. For clarification the price, please, contact us on: (044) 358-10-88 and (044) 358-20-88 or you also can fill in the simple firm of feedback and our specialist will contact you and give you the consultation.

Residence permit at Ukraine: rights and possibilities

According to legal definition residence permit is a legal proof of identity of alien. The legal status of alien is determined by Emigrational Service of Ukraine and is fixed at emigrational register. At the intimacy side of the alien`s life getting the residence permit gives a lot of undeniable perspectives for the guest from another country. The permission on living at Ukraine and letting on using the same rights that Ukrainian citizens is the main advantage.

Legislation, that is approved by the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine, consists a big list of rights and duties of aliens, who get residence permit. Principal points are the rights on:

  • Learning at educational structures;
  • Social protection;
  • Movement around the country;
  • Free choice of living place;
  • Business activity
  • Investments at the state and private projects

Limitation of aliens are according to electoral rights. As opposed to the residence of Ukraine, aliens can not affect to political situation during elections by the way of voting.

Thus, the residence permit at Ukraine gets the complex of perspectives before the aliens. Buying the documents at the time frames is a guarantee of legal being at the country.

Residence permit at Ukraine within quota

With the goal to avoid uncontrolled influx of nationals Ukraine, as a group of other countries made the immigration quota that is a document which lets to issue the residence permit only for certain amount of people who comply with law. 

It follows that Ukraine can get residence permit to the further categories of aliens:

  • Refugees, that are being at the territory of Ukraine whose term of living in such status is more than three years;
  • Aliens who are the nearest relatives to Ukrainian citizen (sister or brother, husband or wife, parents);
  • Rare specialists at fields, where Ukrainian government has diagnosed strong lack of specialists;
  • Generous investors, who are ready to make non-refundable deposit at Ukrainian economy at size near to 100 000 USD;
  • Aliens for whom Ukraine was a native country.

Residence permit at Ukraine out of quota

Residence permit can be got out of quota. Such documents can be given to the next categories of aliens:

  • Children or parents of Ukrainian citizens;
  • Alien after two year of marriage with Ukrainian citizen;
  • Juvenile child who is in foster care of Ukrainian citizen;
  • Aliens who live in another country but have documentary evidence of fact that they were born on Ukrainian territory.

Residence permit documents

List of documents is presented at order of CMU that was published at 2012. Next list of documents is a basis for trial at State Migration Service:

  • Application that is filled in by alien;
  • Passport (copies and translations of pages which consists personal information about non-resident);
  • Copy of immigration documents (registration card or visa of type “D”);
  • Medical care;
  • 4 photos.

Also at the state service, require documentation of legal base for living in Ukraine (marriage, employment, education, business). Before applying, you need to clarify what documents are needed for a residence permit in Ukraine at each specific case. You may need copies of documents on employment or marriage.

Residence permit at Ukraine for citizens of Russian Federation

According to the last events and ambivalent political and social situation, Ukraine has revised the regime of Russian citizens' stay on the territory of the country. Changes in permanent residence in Ukraine tightened the procedure for obtaining documents and shortened the term of possible presence in the country. If earlier citizens of Russian could live in Ukraine for a long time without legalization, now the residents of Russia are equated to aliens and must register a residence permit in order to have legal base for providing any activity in the country. The extradition regime has no difference from the rules established for aliens from another countries. It is necessary to collect references, apply and wait for issuing of residence permit. Ukraine has also established rules for labor migrants. Now, citizens of Russia must process a work permit for a long stay related to work in Ukrainian organizations or branches of Russian organizations.

Residence permit at Ukraine: prices and terms

The price and terms of registration of residence permits depend on the complexity and uniqueness of each specific case. Any of the categories that are limited or not limited by the quota has its own nuances of processing and dropping out of the general rules, exclusion. Therefore, it is important to refer to professionals who are meticulously monitoring the slightest changes and knowing about the existence of all the pitfalls available in business, the warning of which is the professional duty of specialists of “Bravex”. It is beyond the power of a person to embrace such a volume of knowledge himself. We offer to our client rich work in a team that will bring a guaranteed successful result.

Haw to get a residence permit at Ukraine

For using the benefits of legal residence in the country, it is necessary to resolve documentary issues. It is difficult for an alien to understand all the subtleties of the Ukrainian legal system. Bureaucratic traditions do not leave state institutions, which complicates the procedure for obtaining permits even for citizens of Ukraine who are used to such conduct of affairs.

Foreign citizens have to learn the public and secret rules of communication with representatives of state services, and not always, this process ends with a positive result for the guest. If it were possible to purchase a residence permit in Ukraine, the demand for this document would surprise the migration services. This is due to the difficulties that arise in the way of foreigners to obtain an important permit. Therefore, to issue a residence permit in Ukraine is better with the help of the law firm Bravex. Employees know the intricacies of the organizational side of this issue and provide support services in legal transactions. A team of lawyers will help:

  • Collect references for filling in SMS;
  • Fill in the application form on residence permit;
  • Control the process of issuing.

Trusted the decision of the documentary issue to professionals of the Bravex Company, aliens free themselves from traditional for Ukraine queues in state institutions and constant "transfers" from the cabinet to the office.