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Cabinet of Ministers has elaborated the mechanism of introduction of digital signature at ID-Passport

At the Cabinet of Ministers was talk haw the electronic signature will be added at the new passport of citizen of Ukraine medium.

Кабмин проработал механизм внедрения цифровой подписи в ID-паспортCitizens who get full age and form the passport of new sample have a right to fill in the application form as a subscriber and sign the contract on service of electronic digital signature.

With regard to service of electronic signature, that serves enhanced certificates of open keys (dissemination, cancellation, forming, blocking, resumption and storage) of physicals, which form the ID-Passport, providing the information about valid, cancelled and blocked enhanced certificates, services of fixation of time and consultation and also other services, which are fixed at the law On electronic signatures, so they are provided at accredited center of keys certification of MEA.

Representation center is provided by authorized persons who are mentioned at law “On single state demographic register and documents which confirm citizen of Ukraine, verify the identity or its special status”. The order of adding electronic digital signature on the chip that is integrated to the passport of new sample was claimed by Cabinet of Ministers on 30th of November by issuing of relevant order No 869. The order will enter into legal force one month after official publication.

We remember that issuing of plastic passport started at January of 2016, but then it was only about getting the passport at 16 such us People’s Deputies did not have time for elaboration the order of changing the old document on new one but since the 1st of November the right on getting the ID-Card had all Ukrainians without exception. For this it is necessary to come to the service center by taking the Certificate of Birth.

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