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Individual Tax Number for foreigner at Ukraine: tax number

Tax number is the basic document, using which the government interacted with person at the field of fiscal relationships, ensuring accounting and control of financial operations. Since not only citizens of country but even foreigners can engage such activity, it is possible to get the Individual Tax Number for foreigner.

Individual tax number for foreigners in Ukraine is necessary for several reasons. First of all, it is necessary for providing business activity and even for simple employment. As is known, at the both cases nonresidents have to pay taxes to the state treasury on an equal footing with citizens and for it the process of forming mentioned document is necessary.

Identification code for foreigner is also formed if the person planes to make major purchase – real estate, cars and so on. In addition, the legalization at taxation is necessary in inheritance and in the needing to provide the procedure of gifting. Also availability of ITN is necessary for foreigners in opening a bank account.

Exclusion can become only those foreigners who do not want to form ITN because of religious beliefs – accounting of such foreigners is provided according to series and numbers of passport. However, the procedure of transition on such format of accounting is rather difficult that’s why such way can not be used for deliberate simplification the algorithm of fiscal legalization.

Tax number for foreigners in Ukraine: the procedure of getting

According to requirements, you have to get tax number by your own or through the trustee by contacting the city or district department of State Fiscal Service. It is necessary to grant further document to the worker of Service:

  • copy of national passport, where photo is clearly visible;
  • if there is not information about place of registration at the passport, the document that consist such information;
  • residence permit if it has been already got;
  • tax number that was issued by the native country (if it was issued);
  • contact information (address, index, phone number and so on);
  • official Power of Attorney if the foreigner has no possibility for solving the problem by his own.

Tax number for foreigner is a result of quite hassle bureaucratic procedure, difficulty of which is compounded by shallow knowledge of Ukrainian law by foreigners. That’s why the solving of such question should be charged with professional, who can escort the procedure.

Bravex ILA is a getting of ITN at the shortest terms and also a guarantee of positive result.

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